Friday, January 21, 2005

Contextual Marketing Growing at P&G

Targeted and contextual marketing communications are becoming more important, even to the largest mass advertiser in the world.

Jim Stengel, global marketing officer at P&G: "The trend that I see is that the consumers expectations are increasing, the consumer is becoming busier with more priorities, the quality standards continue to go up in all markets, and we need to be the company that provides the brands they like to choose. You know, in the old world, five or ten years ago, it was a bit simpler. We put messages on mass media about our brands, and we have a large percentage of spending in mass television. Mass television is still important, we still spend a fair amount of money there, but we're trying to do is to be much more focused, and we want to communicate with consumers on their terms. We want our messages to be more creative, more entertaining and persuasive, to set our brands apart."

The question is no longer should we go contextual, but it is how do we go contextual in the most cost effective manner possible. My goal with this blog is to be one of the resources you can look to for how to do effective and efficient contextual marketing ... and to be a place where the dialogue between us marketers can occur on the role of context in marketing and public relations.


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